Why Should I Purchase a Course Certificate?

All of the Management System Professional/Specialist courses are free to complete in their entirety. If students would like to receive a certificate of achievement, they can pay $100 to do so for each course they complete. This is an exceptionally affordable way to gain certifications and help advance your career. A course certificate offers the following benefits:

  • It is a recognition of professional achievement.
  • It documents competence as required in ISO clause 7.2.
  • It can enhance your career by demonstrating competency to current and/or future employers.
  • A certificate after each course is necessary in order to achieve a Certified Management System Specialist/Management System Professional designation. Once a certificate is purchased, you will participate in a guided project to demonstrate competency in that particular course.

If you have already completed a course, it will be listed as complete under the My Account tab. Once you click on the course you would like to purchase the certificate for, you will see the option to buy the certificate.

If you have already purchased the certificate and click on a course title from the My Account tab, you will have the option to download the certificate at any time.

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The Management Systems Professional certification will…

  • Provide quality employees with ISO standards-based skills and perspectives that will help them guide their organizations into new, more future-aligned approaches such as wider stakeholder bases, more sustainable operations, more risk and probability-based decision making and an expanded use of ISO Standards.
  • Equip quality employees with the tools to help internally market the value and positive impact of this more advanced and integrated systems approach to managing.
  • Give quality employees an expanded career potential in terms of organizational influence, compensation, and occupational demand.
  • Offer a curriculum consisting of Standards that are internationally recognized and used. This makes the learning you’ll get universal and portable.
  • Help employees implement projects to enhance their existing quality management systems.